Fly on the Wall Productions

Our Story

Joe Fox and James Nubile, the creative team behind Fly on the Wall, met in Rwanda in 1994 while on assignment covering the genocide. For a couple of years, they traveled the world doing feature news stories. In 1997, they founded Fly on the Wall Productions to make the move from print to film and video storytelling. 

Joe and Jay share distinguished journalism skills and a passion for timeless human stories. They have worked as a team for almost 30 years. As respected veteran journalists and expert filmmakers, Joe and Jay have produced award-winning films, documentaries, animated videos and other visual media. Merging their talents, they have developed creative, innovative and successful storytelling techniques for the big screen. They have worked in over 35 countries for a diverse list of clients and causes.

Joe Fox


Joe Fox is director and producer at Fly on the Wall Productions. Joe brings to the table years of experience in public relations and journalism, and his past work has been nominated for the Pulitzer Prize. Joe is also a playwright and has a background in theater. Together with Jay, Joe has written and directed films for some of the country’s leading nonprofit organizations, covering topics such as restitution for Holocaust victims, the 2011 South Asian tsunami, children with learning disabilities, the future of scientific innovation and technology, Hurricane Sandy relief and much more. Joe has also written, produced and directed two feature length films on pressing social issues of our time. His masterful skills in interviewing and writing have earned him great acclaim among clients, interview subjects and the many people he meets through his work. 

Joe knows how to ask for an upgrade in eighty-two languages, just don’t put him near an elevator or an ice machine.

James Nubile


James Nubile is director, producer, editor and director of photography at Fly on the Wall Productions. Jay is a renowned photographer and photojournalist whose unique style of reportage has earned him numerous awards and distinction among his peers. His work has been featured in numerous national and international publications, including The New York Times Magazine, Los Angeles Times Magazine, Newsweek, Time, US News and World Report and USA Today. He has lived in and traveled to the Middle East, Eastern Europe, the Former Soviet Union, Central Asia, Bosnia, Northern Ireland, Africa and Southeast Asia. Jay has served as director of photography on feature-length documentaries as well as countless short films for the country’s leading non-profit organizations, schools, hospitals and corporations. His strong passion for journalism allows him to find, visualize and film the story in an accurate and compelling way for each and every client.

Jay doesn’t mind being near an elevator or ice machine. Just don’t put him near Joe.